I had bought some very special crystals that I wanted made into a orgone generator. A friend of mine wanted me to have Jody make the orgone; she spoke highly of Jody's orgones, and with good reason. I sent my crystals with a draft drawing of how I wanted them placed within the orgone to my friend and she took the package to Jody. Throughout the process, Jody kept close contact with me to make sure she understood my request to the littlest detail. When I received the orgone generator, I was thrilled. The crystals were placed the way I had wanted them and the orgone generated the energy that I was striving to have in my environment. Jody's artistic ability, detail to design, and ability to capture positive, healing energy shows in her creations. Thank you, Jody, for a beautiful and highly energetic orgone generator. -- Terry (WI)    


I have purchased several generators from Generators-by-Jody and can attest to their energy shifting capabilities.  I have several in my home and one in my garden.  My garden has never flourished like it has this past season, my vegetables were heartier and the colors and amount of my flowers were breathtaking.  As for my home it is lighter, calmer and if I may say happier and I mean happier from deep down in the soul.  Thank you Generators-by-Jody and I will continue to purchase them for myself and as gifts for my friends and family, I love sharing the love.  ~ Donna


When Jody first gave me an orgone generator I thought these are pretty but I couldn't imagine that they would help me. I was going thru a rough time and my energy and the energy in my home was pretty low and lousy. I bought one for my computer, one for my living room by my plants and then a pyramid that she made specifically for me that I put near the kitchen, my and my husband's energy noticeably changed, the depressing fog started to clear. The only change was the addition of the generators. I started wearing them and added a few to my massage rooms and I felt more alert and present in my work. I started telling my clients about the changes I've observed and the word is spreading. Jody's generators are great, not only are they pretty they really do help. Each of them are made with love and careful consideration for the stones, gems and minerals that are in them and how they work together to benefit the person. She does make them specifically for people, but whether it is made specifically for you, or you are attracted to one you see, the benefits are wonderful and the same love and careful consideration is in each of them.  ~Leah